Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week 9: 23rd Things....

Heee, at last I finished my blog today. 23 things I have finished, can't believe.
It was totally fun.Good to learn new things... specially in computers, it's never ending...isn't it?
I really enjoyed week 4, create photos & images. It was fun.I loved Gadgets. I enjoyed social network,it's cool! Don't ask me about YouTube, it's just fantastic. Now I use YouTube almost everyday, enjoying India songs. GOOD TRAINING!

Week :9 Discover YouTube

YouTube is my Favourite website. I just carried away with it. I tried to find something interesting & came up with nice Indian (My traditional) dance song. I really like this song. Whenever i see this song, I feel like dancing. If you have any doubt JUST CHECK IT OUT!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 9: eBooks

An e-book, or electronic book, is a digital book that you can read on a computer screen or electronic device. A reader is the device or software to which you download your e-book in order to read it. It's good for children or for anyone who wants to read books online without going out to the library or bookshop, specially in winter.
I have visited Project Gutenburg, it has Top 100, Recent books.You need to just sit with the computer & can read or download your favourite book without paying anything......I just found one book Why I Believe in Scouting for Girls by Mary Roberts Rinehart, I couldn't read whole book but I'm sure I will finish it.

Week 9: Podcasts

I was wondering......What’s a podcast?
A podcast is a free video or audio series — like a TV or radio show — that you download from iTunes and play on your computer, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV. It's easy. I like to listen music from podcast.

Week 8: Online Application Tools

A Google doc is easy. You can save your document online. You don't need any USB or disk to save you work or carry with you everywhere; you can open it from anywhere. I like about this document is, it's easy, fast & convenient. I think Zoho Writer is the same. Easy.......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Social networking (Week 7)

O.k I have just signed in MySpace..... just check it's bit tricky , I wanted to add my favorites but couldn't do it properly.anyways..... I have also open my facebook a\c as well. Sometimes I think it is time consuming , what's the point to open so many accounts like facebook or MySpace or bebo..... but it's learning process. If you have time @ home you can learn better then in the Library. For me is bit tricky because I don't have time to use computer @ home. Anyhow I'm there.........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rollyo Rollbar

Hi, I was just playing with it's good search website.....